Message from the Organisers

Dear colleagues of the AIAI community,

Developments in the Covid-19 virus have created a worldwide tragedy that we are watching on a daily basis hoping to end as soon as possible. After 16 years of holding AIAI, strong links have been developed with the members of our scientific community. This has been proven very clearly this year, with the high volume of submissions despite the major challenges facing our societies. We wish to thank you very much for that.

Human health is the most important asset of all. We are interested in the health and wellbeing of all our community, under the challenging circumstances that we are all facing.

In case the crisis ends in due time we still leave the option to hold the conference in the arranged venue open. If this is not the case, the conference will be held in a hybrid mode. Detailed information regarding the 16th AIAI 2020 will be announced on the website. We will also send you a relative email.

In general terms the following are foreseen:

  • Remote participation: The necessary technical infrastructure is in place and we are in the final stage of testing for remote presentations.  We assure you that we will try and manage to maximize social engagement. Due to the fact that the participants will have no travel expenses we expect to have higher community participation. Parallel presentations will be done live in virtual rooms.
  • After the successful completion of a group of parallel sessions, Q&A (Question and Answer) sessions will be held so that everyone can ask and receive feedback.
  • This year for the first time all of the video-presentations (only for the colleagues who agree) will be uploaded in one prominent academic repository and they will be available for the research community in order to have high citation. This is optional, only for the members of our community who agree to do so, and it is totally free of charge. All the participants will gain access to the repository for off-line browsing after the conference.
  • The Notification of acceptance will be done on the 27th of March (two days earlier than the one announced, though this year we received more submissions than ever.
  • Minor Extensions in the rest of the deadlines will follow.
  • Registration fees: Through a statement of social solidarity, we will reduce the registration fees. This will be announced on the site
  • There will be no change in the Editing of the Proceedings, and they will be available on site.
  • After the conference the selection of the best papers for the Special Issues will be also held normally.
  • Best STUDENT papers awards (where the first author must be a student) will be also provided as in previous conferences.

In the case of the remote conferences we are asking for your support and your active participation during the live presentations in the virtual rooms. We will keep the good tradition and we assure you that we will make another successful conference happen.

If you have any questions regarding the organizing of the 16th AIAI 2020, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The 16th AIAI 2020 Chairs